About Me

I have a bachelor degree in hardrock geology, I worked as a mining geologist for nearly two years before giving birth to a wild little boy who recently turned one! I started making jewellery in 2014 when I made my own wedding jewellery as well as the jewellery for my bridesmaids. It was the first time working with real gemstones and proper sterling silver and I got hooked!

I have since then made a birthstone collection featuring delicate and dainty necklaces, earrings and bracelets in both sterling silver and 14k gold fill. I have also made my very colourful BERRY collection featuring necklaces and earrings inspired by the wild berries growing here in Sweden which are so popular by us Swedes. Apart from these collections I also make handknotted necklaces using water clear oval quartz beads and silk thread and I also make one of a kind pieces using one of a kind stones.

I am continally evolving my skills and designs while also trying to find my own unique spin on it all.

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