First Show of 2018 Happening This Weekend

Hello everyone, I thought I’d pop by and let you know that I’ll be selling my jewellery at the Kopparberg rock and jewellery show this weekend, the 28th and 29th of July. And I thought it would be fun to show you what I’m bringing, sort of like a pre-peek so you know what to snag up when you’re at my booth 😉

I also wanted to give you a little heads up that I might have some sort of special pricing happening during the event. And, I would absolutely love to meet you so if you happen to be nearby or plan on going, please do stop by my booth and say  h e l l o.

Lots of jewels to choose from

So first up is of course a l l of my birthstone jewellery. Not only the necklaces I sell in my Etsy shop, but also earrings and bracelets that for some reason take forever to get online. I only have one of each of the earrings and bracelets in each metal (sterling silver and 14k gold fill) but I have a couple of more of every necklace in each metal so you don’t have to worry on any FOMO happening.

Dainty, delicate and simple birthstone jewellery in 14k gold fill or sterling silver by Linda Sääv Jewellery.
Dainty, delicate and sparkly. You can never go wrong with a birthstone jewellery set featuring genuine gemstones.

Runner up for what I’m bringing is my beloved BERRY jewellery! These necklaces and earrings are inspired by the wild berries growing aplenty in our beautiful Swedish nature and come in lingonberry, blueberry and cloudberry. I took real care on deciding what mineral too choose for each berry. I wanted them to look as close to the real berry as possible and I’m really pleased with my choices. Dumortierite for blueberry, bamboo coral for lingonberry and carnelian for cloudberry.

Swedish berry jewellery featuring lingonberries, blueberries and cloudberries on sterling silver by Linda Sääv Jewellery.
Swedish berries transformed into necklaces and earrings. A must for any berry lover out there!

Another collection I’m bringing with me is the Spring Collection I made earlier this year. This collection consists of 5 necklaces in colours of green and blue, inspired by the sky and all of the greens that starts popping out in springtime. The necklaces feature peridot, prehnite, amazonite, aquamarine and blue chalcedony, all of which in different designs. There is only one of each left so if you fancy one you better grab it before the show!

Spring necklaces in shades of green and blue by Linda Sääv Jewellery.
Spring Collection 2018 featuring (from top left to bottom right) amazonite, peridot, prehnite + aquamarine, prehnite and blue chalcedony + peridot.

I’m also bringing my silk + stone necklaces. These necklaces are hand knotted by yours truly using silk thread in a fun colour and water clear, smooth, quartz oval beads. Each necklace takes approximately 2.5 hours from start to finish so they are a real labour of love. I can also testify that they are baby proof having survived my little son’s curious hands pulling and tugging on the first one I made for myself for several months while breast feeding him.

Hand knotted necklace using silk thread and quartz crystal beads by Linda Sääv Jewellery.
Silk + stone. Hand knotted using silk thread and quartz beads. It will look like water drops held together by string around your neck.

I’m also bringing some new designs, such as my included quartz pieces which consists of tourmalinated quartz and lepidocrocite quartz in the form of simple necklaces and earrings. These pieces are so cool and unique and none of them will be quite like the other due to the irregular patterns made by the inclusions during crystal growth. So if you’re looking for something completely one of a kind, these are it!

Dainty included quartz necklace and earrings in 14k gold fill by Linda Sääv Jewellery.
Tourmalinated quartz and lepidocrocite quartz. Two of nature’s wonders transformed into dainty jewellery pieces. Truly one of a kind.

Another new design I’m bringing is my gemstone circle earrings comprising of tiny gemstone beads threaded on to a thin piece of wire which is then looped and wire wrapped close. The earrings feature raw diamonds, lapis lazuli, pyrite, garnet, amethyst and turquoise and come in either sterling silver or 14k gold fill. The perfect little earrings to wear everyday.

Gemstone circle earrings in 14k gold fill and sterling silver featuring genuine gemstones by Linda Sääv Jewellery.
Gemstone circle earrings featuring genuine gemstones in either 14k gold fill or sterling silver. Some edgy, some boho and some luxurious. Which pair would you choose?

Last but not least (I think) I’m bringing my handcrafted fine silver stacking rings. Available in three simple and minimalistic designs they are perfect for stacking and for wearing every day. Especially since the fine silver doesn’t tarnish as easily as sterling silver does. Put them on and never take them off!

Simple and minimalistic fine silver stacking rings perfect for everyday wear by Linda Sääv Jewellery.
Fine silver stacking rings in three designs. Comfortable, minimal and perfect for stacking.

Ok, phew, I think that was it. It seems I’ll be bringing a lot of jewels with me and hopefully my inventory will be a little lighter at the end of the show!

Show weekend treat

I have decided to sell all of the pieces I’m bringing (minus the stacking rings) at 20% off during the show! Now if that’s not an incentive to stop by I don’t know what is.

One of the reasons for doing so is just to give you guys attending the event a treat! The second reason is because I’m planning on retiring some of my old designs to make way for some new pieces I’m super excited about. But to have the time I need to stop making some old designs, to narrow down what I’m making in order to focus on what’s ahead for this business of mine. As for now, I haven’t exactly decided on which designs (or how many) to retire, but I’ll let you know beforehand so you’ll have time to snag something up before they are gone forever.

What's to come

That’s it for today and I hope I’ll see you at the show!

♥ Linda

Happy New Year!

It’s 2018 and I wanted to kickstart this year with launching my very first blog and blog post!

My main purpose with this blog is to make you look at gemstones and jewellery in a new light, because they can be so much more than just pretty adornments. Since I have a degree in geology and I have an unhealthy obsession with rocks and gemstones in general, I will be hitting you with some science from time to time! But don’t worry, I will keep it simple and fun for you. You can also look forward to read about what inspires me, peeks behind the scenes, see works in progress, go through my personal jewellery collection, and so much more.

Delicate, dainty and minimal jewellery.

So are you as excited as I am about this new blog of mine?! I hope so!

But wait a minute, who am I anyway? Stay tuned to find out in my next blog post!