3 Thoughtful Jewellery Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner here in Sweden so I thought it would be fun to give you guys a few ideas for some amazingly thoughtful jewellery gifts your Mother is sure to love and cherish for a long time. And what Mama doesn’t deserve to be spoiled!?

Ever since I became a Mom almost 1,5 years ago now I love wearing jewellery that reminds me of my precious and wild little boy who has stolen my heart. So my two first gift ideas comes from what I feel when wearing them: happiness and an immense love.

Gift idea number 1: an Everlasting Birthstone Necklace

Birthstones have been around for centuries and are still going strong. I love the fact that each month got its own particular gemstone, some of them even got two. And to wear a birthstone represented by someone I love makes me feel close to them.

Single Gemstone Birthstone Necklaces

I made my first birthstone necklace roughly four years ago and then made it with gemstones representing me and my husband’s birthstones as well as for the months for when we met, got engaged and got married. Since then I’ve refined my design and now offer single birthstone necklaces in my shop. However, if anyone would like to have a necklace with multiple birthstones, I would be happy to help!

Gift idea number 2: the Initial Pendant Necklace

This necklace is completely new in my shop! The one pictured is the prototype, which I made during a silversmithing class I took during the spring of this year and of course I had to stamp the initial of my son’s name on it. This necklace is currently my favourite and I wear it nearly daily as it goes with everything. I just love the minimalistic design of it and to have my son close.

The Initial Pendant Necklace

It’s completely handmade from a rectangular piece of sterling silver sheet. I saw out a roundish shape by hand and file and sand the edge smooth. Then a hole is drilled on top and the initial of your choice is stamped in the center. When that’s done it goes into the tumbler for a final polish before assembling it to a necklace ready to be loved and cherished by the wearer.

Since it’s handmade each pendant will vary slightly in shape and size making each pendant unique.

Jewellery to feel good about

My third and last gift idea for this Mother’s Day is related to a good cause close to my heart. I love getting gifts that in some way matters. Either for me or for whom I bought it. It might be that the gifter put some real thought behind the gift, that the money spent on the gift goes to support a small or local business or that it goes to support a charity of some sort.

Gift idea number 3: the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Pendant

This pendant was made after the request from a lovely friend of mine who has fought against ovarian cancer for a couple of years now while also raising her young son on her own. She wanted a simple design that could be worn every day and that had a teal coloured gemstone, to represent the colour dedicated to this type of cancer. She chose to go with the turquoise gemstone and luckily I had a bunch of fine silver charms that looked just like the cancer ribbon symbol and the pendant was born.

The Ovarian Cancer Awareness Necklace - Jewellery to feel good about

This pendant is sold as a means to support not only my friend’s fight against ovarian cancer but to support all women in Sweden who are currently fighting. When you buy this necklace, all of the proceeds will go towards this cause.

I hope you enjoyed this little gift guide and that it sparked a few ideas of what to get for your Mom.

But remember, a loving card and some beautiful flowers always goes a long way!

♥ Linda

3 unique jewellery gifts for Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I thought it would be fun to highlight three unique jewellery pieces in my shop that would make for an awesome gift for your Valentine, Galentine or yourself for that matter!

So let’s jump right in and start with number 1: the OOAK necklace

Who wouldn’t want something truly one of a kind?! The gemstones I used in these necklaces are just super freaking incredible! Both necklaces features included quartz gemstones, and by included I mean gemstones that have another visible mineral within. You can choose between either a tourmalinated quartz or a lepidocrocite included quartz (or as I like to call it, a confetti quartz).

One of a kind Necklaces

The tourmalinated quartz features a number of thin black tourmaline needles clearly visible within the clear quartz, whereas the confetti quartz features a fun and unexpected burst of metallic red to orange lepidocrocite inclusions within the otherwise clear quartz. Both of these gemstones are completely unique and no gem drop will look like the other, which means that you and only you will own a necklace that looks like yours! A one of a kind gift to a one of a kind woman!

Gift idea number 2: BERRY earrings

These earrings are popping with colour and their dainty size and minimalistic yet boholiscious design makes them perfect for everyday wear!

Swedish Berry Earrings

You have three different berries to choose from: lingonberries, blueberries and cloudberries. All of these berries can be found more or less growing all over Sweden, only the cloudberry is more sparse due to its more northern and wetter climate preferences. I chose the stones for this collection very carefully, I wanted the stones to mimic the real berries as true as possible, both in colour and appearance.

The lingonberries features bright red bamboo coral. This is a type of colourless coral that grows in the deep sea and is dyed red to mimic the highly endangered red precious coral. The blueberries features blue dumortierite beads with a marbled look and with a matte surface. Dumortierite is the mineral that is the cause for blue-coloured quartz. The cloudberries features tiny carnelian beads that I have meticulously wire wrapped into small orange spheres.

And gift idea numero 3: fine silver stacking rings

Can you ever have too many stacking rings, I think not! You have three designs to choose from: a simple smooth and round design, a hammered design and a wrap design.

Fine Silver Stacking Rings

These rings are made from scratch using a thin fine silver wire that I fuse together to a closed ring with a torch. Since fusing fine silver literally means you heat up the metal until it melts and starts to flow, each ring turns out unique with an organic looking form, this is particularly evident in the round and smooth ring deisgn. These rings are lightweight and hardly ever tarnish due to its high almost pure silver content. Effortlessly chic and uncomplicated jewellery!

That’s my simple little gift guide for you for this Valentine’s Day, and any other gifting holiday throughout the year really. I hope you enjoyed it, I sure did so watch out for more gift guides coming this year!

Have a wonderful weekend,